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Why Your Story Matters

Typewriter Ribbon Stories Matter

You’re sitting down to start a project—a blog, a manuscript, a marketing piece—but you find yourself stuck. Your hands hover over the keyboard, hesitant and unsure. You know what you want to say, and you’re sure that it should be said, but where’s your foundation? How will your readers relate? Which words will best represent your true point of view?

The answer is found in knowing who you are, and knowing who you are requires understanding your story.

Your story is a compilation of events and attitudes, feelings and facts. Digging in and crafting your personal narrative builds the foundation for the work to come. If you are an author, the manuscripts you write are full of characters and plots enriched by your personal experiences. As a small business owner, your management style and operation approach are a product of your ideals and mindset. Every single success and challenge that comes your way and comprises your story settles into the foundation of what you become. Your story is the cornerstone of all you build in this life, and understanding it provides strength and stability.

The Book Nerds have declared the upcoming year, 2020, THE YEAR OF YOU, and we invite you to join us as we journey through the steps to understanding your story. In the coming weeks, you’ll be given opportunities to opt-in to our Personal Story Development Offerings. In the meantime, don’t forget to snag the 9 Notes for a Bang-Up Biography handout to optimize your current biography on your website, book jacket, or marketing materials.

And now, let us share a bit of our story...

Every good story begins with a prologue, an introduction, a beginning.

The story of A Book Nerd Company begins once upon a time, in that place where dreams find their reality and change people for the better. The characters in this story are everyday people who have embraced the exceptional and pursued their anything-but-ordinary passions. We are the Book Nerds, and this blog serves to tell our story in a way that we hope benefits authors, business owners, and dreamers of every kind.

Our Book Nerds are a dynamic group of individuals who bring varied experience from the publishing sector as well as other corporate and private industries. We value education and acknowledge the need for continued growth, both personally and as a community. As individuals from diverse backgrounds, we recognized a pervasive need for affordable editing services—not just for individuals, but for businesses as well.

Writers, business owners, authors, and artists often share a common purpose; They are working tirelessly to realize their dreams.

All work tirelessly, sacrifice much, and ignore naysayers to achieve their objectives, and why would these dreamers want to present anything less than a perfect product? That’s where the Book Nerds have found their niche. We pride ourselves on being more than editors—we’re dream champions!

So, who are the Book Nerds, and why is A Book Nerd Company more than a group of people prepared to pounce on your comma placement?

We are the next step in your dream. We are the eyes and ears that help you find your own voice and express it through the written word. We are the consultants that walk with you as you make definitive dream decisions.

We are everyday people with a drive to make your dreams a reality.

We invite you to join us as we continue telling our story. Our weekly blog will be a place to share important writing strategies, celebrate our successes, and stay in touch with our ever-growing community.

Come dream with us!