A Book Nerd Blog is an extension of A Book Nerd Company’s service offerings.  We have created this space as a platform to share all things bookish (and many things nerdy). Through our posts and promotions, we hope to provide you with tools to help you in your personal and professional development as a writer.

Everybody writes. We write in our work, in our recreation, and in our communication. Writing is a universal form of expression that allows us the time to temper our remarks and refine them to best represent exactly who we are. What you write is an extension of yourself, and our passion is finding your voice through your writing.

Through our blog, you’ll come to know the Book Nerds as individuals and as a community. You will hear about our lives, our writing challenges, our favorites, and our fears. We will share our experiences and ask you to share yours.

We are a community of writers and editors intent on helping others polish their written works and realize their dreams. 

Won’t you join us as we learn, laugh, and leap into all things Book Nerd?